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The company was founded in 1991. as "PESYFIT" Ltd. The name originates as an abbreviation for poly-ethylene systems fitting which was the initial activity of the company. Over time,other programs were mastered. So in 1995. the company's owner and chief engineer Dušan Spasojević improved infrared gas heater that in 1996. won the award for Technology Innovation at Belgrade Technic Fair. Since then company’s main activity is manufacturing, installation, maintenance and service of gas infrared heaters. Since 2001.Dušan Spasojević changed company name to "PESIFIT INŽENJERING" which is becoming a leader in the field of infrared gas heating. Acknowledgment of leadership and long-term presence in the market came in 2010. when the company received special recognition for infrared gas heater ICDG2-22kW on 36. International Building Trade Fair. To date in Serbia and neighboring countries we have installed over 2600 heaters in about 470 objects, from large industrial facilities, workshops, sports halls, car services to restaurants and coffee shops. In addition to IR gas heating, and in response to market demand and the strong wish to introduce new products that will be affected by the environmental protection and human health, "PESIFIT INŽENJERING" has expanded its accompanying programs: since 2004. the company is an importer and general representative of the Italian company AMG Waterfilters. In 2010. the company started representing ITALKERO company whose program completed offer of gas heating in all types of buildings both private and business, and from 2012. also cooperates with the Italian company Techno-Control GECA in the field of gas detection.

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