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GECA Techno-Control

With the trend of expansion of the gas network in Serbia and the increasing number of users of gas, the need for gas detection as a form of security for this type of energy use. Since the law on protection against fire "Službeni glasnik RS", no. 111/2009, we have made cooperation with Italian company GECA - TECHNO CONTROL which is already a leader in this field in Europe.

Geca Techno Control is part of a group of Italian companies whose certified and technologically advanced range of products meets the needs of all clients. Companies owned by Geca Techno-Control are synonymous with quality and reliability, thanks to modern and efficient machines for production. The company's plans for future growth is to increase the lead in quality, service and competitiveness.

In addition to programs for the detection of gas Geca Techno-Control offers a wide range of products in the field of thermoregulation, lighting, timers, electrical valves, portable measuring devices, smoke detectors, etc.


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