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Industrial Gas Detection


controlpanel2 Conrol Panel for 4/8/16 up to 200 sensors
Ideal control panels for gas detection systems, with high performances.The big back lighted display placed on the front panel allows the actual visualization in real time of all reading values of the connected sensors.
atexgasdetector Gas Detector Atex Certified
4 -20 mA Transmitter to be connected to a control panel. The case according to the Atex directives and the wide range of sensors, enable this model suitable for areas classified Zone 1 and Zone 2 with high explosion risk. To be calibrated for 50 different types of gases.
stand Standalone Gas Detector With Relay Outputs
Stand alone gas detector for explosive and toxic gasses, equipped with 3 alarm relays outputs and one fault contact. To be calibrated for 50 different types of gases.


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