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fitinziElectric fusion welding is a reliable way of connecting polyethylene pipes with security fittings. The fittings are mounted electro-resistant thread in places of contact with the pipes, so there is a direct transfer of heat. This process is automated and after cooling remains homogeneous and firm weld.

barcodeEvery fitting has a sticker with a bar code that contains all the information required for the welding process, as well as to monitor the flow of materials and parts. This code can be read on-site by an optical (laser) which the reader is equipped machines. Then the machine automatically determines the welding parameters (temperature, heating time, cooling time) taking into account the outdoor temperature (obtained from the sensor on the machine). All data on the completed weld is then stored in the machine.

Fittings were extremely well in practice on several issues:

  • * Reliable circuit

  • * Cost of works

  • * Speed of execution of works

  • * Easy operation

  • * Maintenance of extreme weather (no need for any protection to -10 ºC)

  • * The possibility of mounting a small space in the repair and modification of the existing networks (drastically reducing the cost of earthworks)

  • * The possibility of sub-assembly of the entire network, without using the handle only one machine for welding


sedlaEvery fitting we offer are from renowned European manufacturers, and are made according to current standards and are subject to the control systems of ISO9002, and even some manufacturers have 2-3 times more stringent than required self-control.

Fittings are available in a wide range of diameters (typically used Ø20 up to Ø250) and shape (knee, forks, saddles, transition pieces on the second diameter, the steel passes...). KXrayKatalogs and price lists can be provided on request.

If you are in a dilemma to choose the fitting or have a problem, please contact us because our experts are always ready to help in choosing the appropriate fittings, give advice or even come and help in the field, if necessary.

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