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Machinery and equipment

hurnerIn our offer we have electro fusion machine and butt welding of polyethylene pipes top quality, well-known European manufacturers. The choice of machines and accessories covering a wide range of needs and demands, ranging from the choice of machines that can be:

  •  * Manual, semi-automatic or CNC;

  • * Working with ranges in diameter from 20mm to 2000mm (range for welding electro fusion Ø = 20-700mm, for butt welding Ø = 75-2000mm).

  • * Butt welding machine for outdoor or indoor variants.





Especially interesting as we want to point out a short sale of used and thoroughly overhauled machine, to which the guarantee also applies, and we offer at a much lower price!

For all machines is provided one year warranty, service for 10 years and training for machine operators on whose completion is issued certificate manufacturers to handle. Clicking on the icon you can see in the training plan.pdf format.

HSTmasina Frialen

 The basic advantages of these machines, in addition to the benefits of polyethylene as a material, as compared to other methods of making the pipeline are:

  • * High quality of the obtained compound (eliminating errors due to human factors)

  • * Automatic alarm in case of fault occurrence

  • * High speed assembly

  • * Low price works

  • * Ease of Operation

  • * Automatic determination of the parameters that affect the operation of machines (temperature, welding time, cooling time, type of material) based on bar-code machines and sensors (there is a possibility of a manual data entry)

  • * Monitoring, recording and storage of welds performed

  • * Design of machines to work in the most difficult off-road conditions

For more details about the individual types of machines, you can contact us, or to tell us your needs to help you accordingly recommended optimal machine, which can be delivered in the short term, at an affordable price.

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