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What is PE?

PE-mala(PE) is a thermoplastic material obtained by polymerization of ethylene, and belongs to a group of polymers. PE depending on the classification and properties can be used for a wide range of plastic products, plastic bottles and bags to the plastic tube of high quality..

Polyethylene pipe used is often called HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which indicates the high quality and good mechanical and chemical properties.

Advantages as a material for polyethylene pipes:

  • * Low weight

  • * Flexibility

  • * Chemical Resistance

  • * Strength and toughness

  • * Longevity

Advantages of PE piping system make it ideal for a wide range of applications:

  • * Plant and distribution of drinking water

  • * Distribution of natural gas

  • * Irrigation Systems

  • * Sprinklers for lawns

  • * Sewer Lines

  • * Lines of waste materials

  • * Drainage pipes...

Polyethylene materials are resistant to most chemicals, which are typically used.

PE pipes are cheaper than pipelines based on metallic materials.

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