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Filtering Cartridges

Filter cartridges are placed into the housing of appropriate length. Depending on your needs, you can choose the cartridge by use, flow, temperature, ... They can be used in the household or industry, for the treatment of technical water but also drinking water.
CA cartridge with granules of activated carbon used to remove chlorine, unpleasant smells and taste When carbon in the cartridge reaches the point of saturation, depending on the condition of water, the cartridge needs to be replaced. It is used frequently in food and galvanic industry. Maximum operating temperature: 40 °C.     CE+Ag Synthesis of silver and carbon filtration to 0.3 microns has antibacterial function for the treatment of technical water, whether drinking or not. This cartridge combines several actions: carbon removes excess chlorine and odors and tastes, low level of 0.3 micron filtration retains bacteria and silver inhibits bacterial growth. Adaptable to all water filtration that are needed.       CE extruded carbon cartridge used in households for the removal of chlorine and industrial technical water treatment. The main feature is to eliminate chlorine and removes odors from the water.




CP cartridge with polyphosphate crystals is suitable for treating very hard water containing lime, as in all cases where it is necessary to control corrosion and scaling. It's great to set the cartridge to protect the boilers, and for all other devices and equipment that need to be protect against various types of precipitation.
Maximum operating temperature: 40 °C.
CRC FA      GT
CRC-CRA-CRM Cartridge filled with different resins, depending on the application. It is also used in households and in industry. Certain resins are treated hard water, reduced the presence of iron in the water, or demineralised water.     FA threadlike filter of polypropylene fibers, developed by FDA and EEC standards. It is used for filtration of water in households and industry, technical and drinking water.
Ideal for filtration of sand, silt, rust and sediment. It has a great ability to retain contaminants and is compatible with a large number of chemicals.
Maximum operating temperature: 80 °C
There are also different versions of this filter:
FA/PА (double filtration: a filter outside of polypropylene fibers with granular activated charcoal inside, filtering sediment and removes unpleasant odors and tastes);
FA/CА (double filtration: a filter outside of polypropylene fibers with polyphosphate crystals in the inside; filtering sediment and works against tartar).
FA/PA and FA/CA provides excellent removal of organic contaminants by combining filtration and absorption. They are particularly suitable for use in the food, chemical, petrochemical and printing industry.
When it comes to the fall of flow cartridge needs to be replaced.
For both versions, the maximum operating temperature is 60 °C.   
GT-GTL-GTS Cartridge filters for use in households or industry, with washable mesh polyester and polypropylene base. Ideal for filtration of sand, silt, rust and sediment. Network structure provides a uniform flow and reduces the risk of clogging by providing a constant volume filtration. Moreover, the smooth surface is easily washable and does not release contaminants.
They are highly recommended in the industry and in agriculture (gardening, pumps,...)
There is also a GT / SILICAR version for double filtration (SILICAR can be filled with polyphosphate crystals or granules of activated carbon).
Maximum operating temperature: 80 °C

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