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Housings for Cartridges

Filter housings are mounted on the system as a flow element whose function depends on the cartridges or filling that we use. They are intended for use in households or industry, and depending on the type of fluid you filter, installing pressure, temperature, flow ... you will select the appropriate housing.

 Metalno kuciste


 Plasticno kuciste
Filter housings made of stainless steel or brass
These housings are especially suitable for use in industries where is need a large durability and flexibility, but it also can be used in households for the treatment of drinking water.
  Plastic filter housings
For the production of these filter housings we use plastic materials that are certified for safe use in food, in accordance with the requirements of laws relating to the treatment of water intended for human consumption.
Products that our customers most often choose: P333, P602, P603, P600-D, P600-T.

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